Anna Frischknecht Naturopathy Practice near Zurich Profile Picture

A very warm welcome!
It’s my pleasure to welcome you here and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Anna Frischknecht.

A desert island, without contact with people? Unimaginable for me! I love to be in exchange, to listen, to be there and to help.

I have always been fascinated by the complex systems of our body: from my training as a physician's assistant, my business administration degree, my work in large pharmaceutical and medtech companies, to my studies to become a federally certified naturopath.

The stages of my life in these different worlds allowed me to finally arrive and find my calling and thus my profession in the field of complementary medicine. They still shape my medical work today.

It gives me great pleasure to empathize with my patients and to experience what can be achieved by mobilizing the body's own forces. In doing so, I combine traditional naturopathy with the latest findings from research and conventional medicine and continue to educate myself.

I listen carefully to you and your body, because often the answer is on your hand, tongue or you wear it on your face.

In my private life I am a mother, wife and friend. I can really work out by swimming, skiing, cross-country skiing and badminton. I find deep relaxation in yoga. I love nature with our majestic mountains and being outdoors in the fresh air. But I also love fine food and good wine, sitting together with my friends until late at night, dancing, living and laughing!

I am happy to be your contact person for health. I see myself as your personal coach with passion and the goal to make you healthy.

And so I look forward to meeting you, your unique story and personality!

See you soon, your Anna