Prevention is my first priority. With targeted measures, disease risks can be prevented, reduced, or their occurrence can be delayed.

My ultimate goal is to promote both your mental and physical health. For me, this means working holistically. I always want to find the answers to the question "Why? I look into the causes and try to look behind the scenes.

I am very well connected and enjoy working with different doctors. So I see myself as a link between classical orthodox medicine and naturopathy. This enables me to create an individual and optimal treatment concept for you. Our first consultation is preceded by the completion of a comprehensive questionnaire, which you will receive from me in advance. Furthermore, you send me all relevant findings that you have. This way I can prepare myself optimally and we save a lot of time during the anamnesis.
Our first session will take two to three hours. Through the intensive evaluation of your questionnaire, our getting to know each other is composed of many components, with the goal of getting as objective a picture as possible.

Subsequently, I will create your personal therapy plan. This includes dietary recommendations, the intake of certain substances and, if necessary, medications, as well as further medical examination and laboratory recommendations, which we follow together for several weeks or months.

A follow-up appointment usually takes place after about eight and up to ten weeks. This can also be by phone (if it cannot be arranged otherwise) and usually takes about an hour, depending on the complexity. In acute cases, you may of course contact me at any time.