Read what my patients write about our collaboration.

Antonia, 49, Spain

"I’ve known Anna for a long time. Since 2002, she has repeatedly helped me to get back on my feet, including with the help of doctors she knows. As she is now a naturopath, she has become the regular therapist for me, my mother, husband and son. She is always there for us..."

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Lydia, 58, Switzerland

"Within a relatively short time (approximately six weeks), Anna Frischknecht helped me to feel fit again, with lots of expertise and an outstanding treatment plan. The treatments are continuously adapted...."

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Sofie, 35, Switzerland

"On 6 March 2020, something that you hope will never happen did – our little girl Mia scalded herself very badly. She had to be taken to hospital by helicopter and we prayed that she would survive. A good friend of mine told Anna and Anna contacted me immediately. She supported me and my husband...."

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Giulia, 32, Switzerland

"Anna helped and supported us enormously during my son’s first year. Not only did she restore Jax’s health, she also looked after his big sister. As it was a very emotional time for all of us, we all benefited from Anna’s amazing support. And now that everyone is healthy again, she is still there for us."

Daria, 36, Russia

"I sought out Anna in 2020 when I caught COVID. Anna wrote to me every day, sometimes several times a day to tell me what I should take. I was taking homeopathic remedies, vitamins and phytotherapeutic preparations. 30% of my lung..."

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Michaela, 59, Switzerland

"I’m in my late 50s, very sporty and for many years have had a sedentary office job, This led to steadily worsening and unpleasant bloating for years and I never slept all through the night, until I finally decided to do something. That is why I came to Anna. She quickly identified the problem through various blood..."

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Amber, 32, South Africa

"Before I met Anna, I had had severe acne for several years. I told her and she offered to help me. She was amazing, her knowledge about my issue was outstanding. She recommended me some natural substances and vitamins and within a few months my problems disappeared. I recommend Anna from the bottom of my heart. She has changed my life forever!"

Chantal, 39, Switzerland

"The experience of being therapized by Anna was incredible. I like how she gets straight to the point, but in a very nice and gentle way. The physical and psychological progress I made within a year..."

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Olga, 17, Germany

"For as long as I can remember, I have suffered very badly from neurodermatitis. Sometimes I have scratched my hands so raw that I had to strap a pen to my finger so that I could take my exams. By chance I found Anna and we embarked on a long journey to find myself. After just three..."

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Irina, 43, Germany

"I was a wreck when I came to Anna. I had no strength at all any more, I was totally forgetful and just tired all the time. I think I was depressed. I went to Anna because I saw how much better my daughter was after Anna’s treatment. I had to overcome my fears...."

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Angelika, 23, Germany

"I have had health problems since the age of 14 – from very bad neurodermatitis on my face and hands to food intolerances and facial acne. My life was ruled by my illness and there were many things I could no longer enjoy, let alone do..."

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Olga, 42, Switzerland

"Anna is a loving, very sensitive and skilled person. I felt extremely at ease in her practice and in good hands. She has a very extensive and precise knowledge, understands the correlations and highlights practical solutions. This was precisely what helped me in a very short time. I gained in-depth insights into and perspectives...."

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Andrea, 45, Switzerland

"My treatment with Anna lasted about six months. When I came to Anna, I didn't realise how severe my complaints were. These have now been successfully treated and I also learnt to listen better to my body and my feelings and, above all, what the word 'well-being' really ..."

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Steffi, 33, Switzerland

"My older son suffered from terrible rashes, some purulent, some allergic, and coughs. We had exhausted all the orthodox medicines. I now decided to try an alternative approach. When I came to Anna I was very surprised by how she worked. It is very different from what one is used to with paediatricians. She really took her time..."

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Yves, 60, Switzerland

"I had just recovered from COVID when I came to Anna Frischknecht. I was completely out of sorts. There was a total spiritual, mental and physical imbalance. At the start, the treatment was very detailed, but I was able to take everything on board and implement it. After just two..."

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Victoria, 48, Russia

"A couple of years ago, I got a severe, itchy facial rash. Nothing helped – cortisone, hormone creams, strong medicines. It got worse and worse, so much so that I didn’t even want to leave the house anymore. In addition I had rheumatic pain – I couldn’t even walk up the stairs. I was very tired and forgetful..."

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Manuela, 35, Switzerland

"My name is Manuela and I attended Anna Frischknecht’s naturopathy practice. I knew very little about homeopathy and other therapies in this field. I had an operation to remove gallstones, and Anna provided support all the way in addition to orthodox medicine. I healed very quickly and I had very little pain...."

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Tanja, 35, Switzerland

"Dear Anna, you’ve been helping us for a year now. Our story started with my extreme morning sickness. I had already tried lots of things (orthodox medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc.), but unfortunately nothing helped. After a while the sickness finally stopped, but then the next problem started. ...."

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Vera, 23, Monaco

"I consider myself lucky to have met Anna then, when I was in a very difficult phase of life: many problems and disregard of signs from my body brought me to the state of being lost, insecurity and even a slight depression. With Anna I talked about my habits, diet and emotions..."

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Jacqueline, 56, Switzerland

"I am 56 years old and unfortunately no longer felt like myself during the menopause. Anna helped me a great deal with a change of diet, additional plant remedies and energising supplements. Above all her manner of speaking, her humane, cheerful and direct approach are a superb guide and support."

Nadine, 58, Switzerland

"Anna is a very friendly, positive and joyful therapist whose energy and optimism radiate confidence and joie de vivre. Using a unique combination of kinesiology and homeopathy, she greatly helped me through an emotionally difficult and demanding time in my life. I would not have missed the process..."

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Eva, 35, Switzerland

"Anna Frischknecht’s naturopathy practice is highly recommended! She takes her time, you feel at ease and in good hands. She gives super advice for your health as a whole. Anna is extremely competent in her specialist field, which is very wide ranging, and knows how to apply her knowledge..."

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Anton, 36, Germany

"Sport plays a big part in my life. Then there was an extended period when I did not achieve my sporting goals and noticed that I had both physical and mental problems. Yet I didn’t know the precise reason and I had reservations about getting help. Which doctor should I see? Would I be taken seriously?..."

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