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Anna Frischknecht
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Cooperation with doctors, bundling of treatments.


Individual recommendations tailored to your needs in prevention, healing and health maintenance.


Conscientious approach to problems through thorough clarification of the causes, using laboratory analyses and orthodox medical diagnoses.


Certified alternative medical practitioner, recognised by supplementary and private insurance companies, sound professional training, annual quality check and continuing professional development.
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How I work

Prevention is my top priority. With targeted measures, disease risks can be prevented or their occurrence can be delayed. My therapeutic approach is a combination of holistic medicine and sustainable regeneration.

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Olga, 17, Germany
"After two months I hardly have to use my cortisone spray anymore, I feel much better. I am very motivated to continue the therapy, because no one has been able to help me like Anna has done. "
For as long as I can remember, I have suffered very badly from neurodermatitis. Sometimes I have scratched my hands so raw that I had to strap a pen to my finger so that I could take my exams. By chance I found Anna and we embarked on a long journey to find myself. After just three months, my hands looked good with the help of some products, concentration exercises, breathing techniques, a change in eating habits and much more.
The rash under my armpits has also gradually disappeared. Of course I still have phases when my neurodermatitis flares up, when I get upset, but my hands are still free of it, which makes me incredibly happy. We are in the process of eliminating my asthma.
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